That Makes Perfect Scents

Fragrance is about sensations & imagination evoking memories, emotion and thought.

At Agape Candle Company we love to experiment with fragrance to bring you classic, fun, flirty, bold, seasonal, new and fabulous scents.  We offer a unique variety of premium scented soy candles with a strong scent throw, yet gentle enough for the body.  Our fragrance oils are carefully selected to create unique and fun scents that will surround you with beautiful aromas.  All fragrances are skin safe, phthalate and nitro musk free and comply with both RIFM and IFRA standards.



25: 43 | Lotion & Massage Soy Candle

Strong citrus combination of lemongrass, lime and orange with musk, rosewood, sweet cotton candy & warm vanilla with a tonka background..

Apple Bourbon | Lotion & Massage Candle

Fresh apples and blend in a touch of vanilla, maple, and a punch of smooth bourbon.

Applevescent | Lotion & Massage Candle

Formerly Apple Bubbly ~ The delicious smell of juicy green apples paired with rich aroma of chardonnay creates this uplifting effervescent fragrance

Bird of Paradise | Lotion & Massage Candle

A smooth blend of ripe strawberries, powerful pomegranates and sweet cream.

Black Currant Vanilla | Lotion & Massage Candle

A sweet and tart combination of berries and currants blended with vanilla.

Blissful | Lotion & Massage Soy Candle

Crisp watery accents, tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens and tropical foliage add sparkle to this summer blend.  This is one of our top sellers year round.

Calce Rosa | Lotion & Massage Soy Candle

A beautiful, zesty citrus blend of lime and exotic citrus notes atop of notes of white musk and earthy yet sweet base. A perfect Spring & Summer Fragrance that suitable for any environment.

Gardenia | Lotion & Massage Candle

Rich, diffusive and strong.  This white floral is extremely popular.

Lavender Wood | Lotion & Massage Soy Candle

Alluring fields of lavender mingled with woody facets of cedar.

Lemon Verbena | Lotion & Massage Candle

Bright citrus oils of lemon and orange enhance the refreshing scent of natural lemongrass.

MR | Lotion & Massage Candle

Hand me a fan.  I’m having hot flashes and heart palpitations! This fragrance is sexy, invigorating, yet fresh and eclectic Citrus and woodsy notes are at the head of this fragrance, but not far behind you’ll find hints of Yuzu, Coriander, Geranium, Bourbon, Blue Water Lily, Amber, Tobacco, Vetiver, and Musk. Both men and women love this fragrance! It’s a must have!!

Pineapple Sage | Lotion & Massage Soy Candle

A mysterious merge of sweet pineapples and herbal sage.  Infused with natural eucalyptus, guaiacwood, and cedarwood essential oils this fragrance creates a sweet but


Sweet Pea & Citrus | Lotion & Massage Candle

We've taken the popular Bath & Body Works* fragrance and added our own citrusy twist to create this awesome year round fragrance.

Suede Blanc

Rich cedar & suede sprinkled with a bit of sweetness, green herbs & jasmine held together with luscious woody amber around velvet and musk evoke a pleasing sense of calmness.

Strawberry Cheesecake

There is nothing better than homemade cheesecake!  The perfect aroma of graham crackers, cream cheese and sweet cream butter  with nice thick strawberry sauce.

Acqua Di Gio (type)

A sexy, fresh, aquatic fragrance of bergamot and neroli flowing into notes of rosemary, persimmon and patchouli.


Bouquet of rose, jasmine and hawthorne enhanced bybaby powder, french vanilla, musk and wood.


Apples! Apples! All kinds of apples!

Asian Spice

A fusion of patchouli, peach, clove,amber, patchouli, sandalwood, grren herbals and geranium reminiscent of the Orient.

Basil & Mint

An exhilarating blend of cool mint, refreshing basil with a hint of sage enhanced with a sparkle of citrusy lemons and oranges accentuated with white musk and woods.

Birchwood Noir

An oriental woody blend with warm touches of sandalwood, jasmine, and some cool spices.

Black Ice (type)

Masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot, wild lavender and florals are followed by sandalwood and soothing musk. Inspired by the famous little tree air freshener scent.

Black Leather

Distinctive smell of true leather fragrance with clean and citrusy notes of primitive yet sensual notes of bergamont, musk and sandalwood.  Black leather is soft, delicate and exciting.

Cactus by the Sea

Clean combinations of watery cactus accords mingled with fresh, ozonic sea salt.


The rich scent of chardonnay is expertly created using fruity notes, eucalyptus and touches of cognac and spice. Perfect for wine lovers.

Citrus Fantasy

A clean citrus blend combining lemon, orange, and fresh eucalyptus.  Essential oils such as cedarwood, elemi, lisea cubeba helps amplify this beautiful citrus fragrance.

Coconut Butter

Rich Coconut, butter cream & fruits with a combination of cotton candy and vanilla.

Cool Water (type)

Fresh citrus and crisp ozone tones combine with juicy bergamot to open this classic blend. Lavender, spice and cedar combine at the heart of the fragrance as fresh accents of balsam lift the senses. Orange flower adds a refined undertone to support the classic sensation while sweet amber, soft musk and precious wood carry the fragrance to a soft finish.

Cotton Candy

A candy like blend with sweet vanilla and a hint of orange.


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Orange Spice

A rich, spicy fusion of orange peel, clove and cinnamon creates this bouquet of aroma.

Cucumber Tea

Green tea infused with crisp cucumber, sparkling lime, eucalyptus, rose hips and a touch of sweet vanilla bean.

Currant Twist

Intoxicating currant berry fragrance with a vibrant earthy, fruit blend that will charm and excite your senses.


What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...