Didn't see a fragrance listed?    We often rotate fragrance during the course of the year.  We may have it.  If not, if we can find it, we'll make it.

Custom - Lotion & Massage Candle

  • Each candle is hand poured with our premium waxes and using skin safe fragrances and a proprietary blend of moisturizing oils and filled to 95% capacity. They burn slower and cooler. Benefits include fewer allergens, less soot, and faster perfuming of your room or space.

    Our proprietary blend of skin nourishing ingredients transform our ​candles to a ​​moisturizing balm, and when liquified a warm, soothing ​​​massage oil.

    We are not medical professionals, nor do we lay claim to any healing properties. Yet, our candles have been to known to help protect and moisturize the skin, soothe psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, sunburns, and chapped skin when used as a moisturizing balm.

    • Soy wax made in the USA
    • Skin safe & non-toxic fragrance blends.
    • Proprietary blend of essential and/or moisturizing oils.
    • Lead free wicks.
    • Soy candles burn cleaner and longer than paraffin.
    • Lead Free Wicks

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