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FUNdraising with us is easy, hassle-free, and generates revenue for your school, church, club or group.


Is your school, church, sports team or organization looking for an exciting way to raise funds? Fundraisers that don't revolve around food? Grreeeattt! You've come to the right place.  Candle Fundraisers are a unique and fun alternative!


Most people often go out and buy candles because they enjoy the ambience, warmth, personal style  and fragrance that candles add to their homes. So why not offer them the opportunity to buy something they already want, stock up on gifts for their friends and family and support your group?


We are proud to support any organization with their fundraising efforts by providing them with soy candles at a discounted price in order to raise funds.   We offer two fabulous fundraising opportunities for your organization to earn 35% by offering something every one loves….Candles.


There are no materials costs to you, no order minimums, we tally all orders, deliver/ship your complete order to your location.  

7 Reasons to Fundraise with Agape Candle Company?

  1. Earn 35% of total NET sales.

  2. Friends and family enjoy fragrant candles.

  3. Healthy and clean alternative to food, sweets, snacks, traditional fundraising products.

  4. The process is simple, fun and affordable.

  5. We make fundraising easy with individual packaging for each seller's and customer's order. We ship/deliver directly to you.

  6. Four selling seasons.  We don't limit you to just two selling seasons.

  7. Remarkable customer service throughout the duration of your fundraising event.


OK, 8 Reasons

We're fun!

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