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Whether traveling to work, sitting in traffic or on a beautiful (or painful) road trip transform your journey to a relaxing, rejuvenating expeprience with one of our beautifully crafted car diffusers. It's compact,  designed to last, and keeps your car smelling just the way you want it.Now your favorite aroma can travel with you.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE* screw the black lid from the bottle* carefully take out the secured clear cap* screw the black lid back onto bottle until satisfied its secure properly* tilt bottle upside down for a few seconds only!! (do this until you are happy enough the cork has soaked up enough liquid)* you can then hang your diffuser up in a secure place that you desire***Please remember to tilt the diffuser every few day to prevent the cork from drying up***Please note the fragrance will dispense when the air in the car is warm!!Do not leave these diffusers upside down once you have taken the clear cap out as the wood can only hold a small amount of fragrance oil......will all leak out everywhere!!!!It's compact, designed to last, and the perfect way to keep your car smelling fresh & clean.

Luxury Scented Car Diffuser with Black Cap

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