With our primary concern being the safety of our customers, AGAPE CANDLE COMPANY will continue to fulfill orders while taking every safety and hygiene precaution, to diligently bring comfort right to your door.

Thank you so much for your continued support. It helps us shine in these dark times. We are praying for your health, safety, strength, peace, and your joy. Please stay safe, stay healthy, stay prayed up.

Agapé Candle Company is your lifestyle brand in hand poured, luxury lotion and massage soy candles.  We create classic, sophisticated and uniquely fragranced candles that offer you a 'trifecta experience' that will bring your home to life  with beautiful ambience and aromas while also nourishing your body, relaxing your mind.

Our aim is to present modern sensory delights that are beautiful, natural, highly fragrant, sustainable and promote the beauty of a clean, healthy lifestyle.   We are continually redefining the natural candle business by creating fragrances that have the power to entice your senses, evoke experiences and trigger nostalgic emotions with every flicker of the flame. 

We take scent-cere pride in our scented masterpieces! Each one of our products are wrapped in His Agapé love and will stimulate a unique experience that appeals to the body, mind, and spirit.  It's not your ordinary candle. It's a candle with purpose!



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The same great experience of our lotion and massage candle hand poured into a CHAMPAGNE GLASS.
Shimmering bouquet of white florals and violets unfolding with orange and lavender accents finished with velvety and sensual notes musk.
Cactus Le Fleur
Clean combinations of watery cactus accords mingled with fresh, ozonic sea salt.
Egyptian Linen
A plush blend of clean and crisp notes of orange zest, fresh greens and orchid vanilla on a warm bed of rosewood, sandalwood, white flowers and soft musk.
Peony & Blush
The aroma of soft peonies accented with fresh green foliage, roses, carnations mingled with blushed red apples for a beautiful sensual, Spring fragrance.
One of the best plumeria fragrances on the market. This bouquet comes to life with the beautiful fusion plumeria, jasmine, gardenia, and orange mimosas surrounded by tropical foliage complete this classic fragrance. This tropical floral fragrance is amazing!
Escape the everyday hustle with this spirited and lively fragrance of the windswept waves, musk and soft floral top notes boosted by citrus notes mingles with the earthiness aroma of amber and sage.
Sage & Lime
Special blend of earthy sage and lime.
With note of floral notes of freesia, apple blossoms and hibiscus intertwined with sparkling tones of dewberry, peach and green tea on a musk and woody background the very aspect of this fragrance will bring back many of the beautiful aromas captured through varies cities across the world.
A captivating and sensual fragrance. It begin that begins with light traces of apple, black currant, and patchouli with warm but delicate threads of and delicate saffron, amber and anise.
Create a calming atmosphere for any space with this clean fragrance. Zephyr is a blend of salty air, sea botanicals, clean ocean breeze with citrus notes apple, cooled down with cool notes of refreshing notes eucalyptus and orange and sandalwood.
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